Latest Covid-19 Testing Methods and Availability

In the Covid-19 pandemic, the widespread availability of diagnostic tests is crucial to identify and control the spread of this disease. Many medical institutes and pharmaceutical companies are working to develop tests that are fast, accurate, and accessible to meet the testing needs. 

Through the new test development and with more information coming out, the testing has become easy, and after testing, you can also get covid results online.

What are The Types of Covid-19 Tests?

Here are three main types of covid tests

  • Molecular test
  • Antigen test 
  • Antibody test

The molecular and antigen are the diagnostic test, while the antibody test is serological. 

Diagnostic Tests: These help to detect the active infection caused by the virus. 

Serological Tests: These help to identify if you had a previous infection with the virus. 

Diagnostic Test

If you think that you have been exposed to the virus or you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, you will receive these two types of diagnostic tests 

Molecular Test

In molecular tests, various techniques such as reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and isothermal amplification are used to identify the viral genetic material present in the test sample. 

Antigen Test

This is the newest form of test used for the detection of the virus. It is cheaper than molecular tests due to the simplicity of design. Antigen tests are usually considered rapid tests, and they are not widely available. Antigen tests look for the specific protection present on the surface of the virus. 

Serological Tests 

Serological tests require a blood sample. These tests detect the antibodies that are produced by the body to fight the covid virus. These antibodies are present in the blood and tissue of anyone who has recovered from Covid-19. 

The test is very used indoors of past covid infection, and these tests also detected the antibodies produced to fight with other types of coronaviruses. 

Therefore, if the test is positive does not necessarily mean that person had Covid-19. 

Where Can You Get a Test? 

The tests are available in almost every country. In the U.S., the tests are available in health centers and pharmacies of every state. 

The schools, working places, and other organizations also have testing programs. If you want to test for Covid-19, contact the healthcare professional first because not all tests are suitable for everyone. You can also get covid results online. 

Visiting the local health department will help you learn about the options available and which test is the most suitable for you.